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Steven Joseph Bicknell ( born Jan. 30, 1950) is an American Project Management Engineer, Entrepreneur, Stay at Home Dad, Athlete and Horseman. He won the Regional Cincinnati District Golf Tournament as a senior at Woodward High School. He opted out of golf scholarships to attend the nationally recognized University of Cincinnati Co-operative College of Engineering Program graduating in 1973. He studied under UC Professor Dr. Neil Armstrong and was encouraged to become an Astronaut. After a a journey to the Kingsville Texas Naval Station and introduction into the military program and its requirements he opted to enter private industry after being recruited as a graduating senior by Owens Corning Fiberglas for work on the team designing the insulation systems for the Trans Alaskan Pipeline out of their Granville, Ohio Technical Center. The project obtained National Priority Status after Vice President Spiro Agnew broke a 49-49 Senate tie to pass the Trans Alaskan Pipeline Authorization Act in July, 1973 and President Nixon signed the bill in November and construction began in January 1974. Upon completion of insulation component designs he was recruited by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company to install the insulation systems. He was mentored by TAPS Project Manager Frank P Moolin Engineering News Records Man of the Year. Utilizing a favorite Moolin-ism he became the "Czar of Insulaion". Completing his work under budget and ahead of schedule allowed oil to flow in June 1977. He returned to his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio and purchased the Kuhlman HVAC company as a family legacy to his Uncle William D Kuhlman a Cincinnati pioneer in coal-fired heating systems for both residential and commercial customers delivering as a top Iron Fireman dealer.
    In 1980 he was recruited by Aramco to build and start-up gas power plants located in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately this was during the Iran-Iraq War and safety concerns limited the assignment to a year.
    On return to Cincinnati in the early 1980's he became involved in neighborhood development projects and partnered with local realtor Walter Sambi purchasing a local real estate firm and completing his master of real estate program. They also partnered on Greystone Galleries an antique gallery locating in the redeveloping neighborhood of Northside. Further support for the neighborhood came with the purchase of Magins Deli for family participation.
   1984 he was recruited by General Electric's Aircraft Business Group while ramping up for another National Strategic Venture in the development of the B-1B jet engine under contract with the United States Air Force. He led the team that delivered the first  production engines ahead of schedule under tight AFPRO scrutiny in 1985. The aircraft has been a source of National Pride and utilized for many critical missions.
   A reward during this critical project was GE's time and financial support to complete the prestigious Executive MBA Program at Xavier University.
   The birth of twin daughters Whitney and Lauren Bicknell on May 11th 1986 resulted in a life style change. While wife and mother Jeanne McLaughlin maintained her career with General Electric as he took over duties as a Stay at Home Dad and the birth of a whole new career.
    He embraces the entrepreneur spirit through continuing education and starting, operating, growing and selling businesses in various industries from his Cloud 9 Farm here in Lexington Kentucky. In addition to maintaining the family real estate and equestrian operations.
   Today Steve provides project managment services for Bicknell Brothers HVAC headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as providing PA services  for the three most important people in his life. Wife Jeanne and twin daughters Whitney and Lauren. Steve maintains his  Real Estate Broker’s license.
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